Nnennaya Kelly is a singer with a passion. You can’t pass by this touching voice.

Nnennaya Kelly is a highly successful professional corporate woman that is reviving her passion for music. She is a singer with a passion for making a difference in the world. She has released an afrobeat remix to the cover version of the famed song “My Funny Valentine”. Partial earnings will go to charity, as Nnennaya Kelly is planning on building wellness centers for African kids. The song also features a music video with her 15 years old son Sammy Smack and Afro-Beat dancers from an African Orphanage / deprived girl’s home, who were paid for their amazing performance too!  It all comes together for her listeners to enjoy whilst giving back to the world!
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  1. nnenna Okoturo

    Thank for such a great write up!!!

  2. Alinonu Chibuzor

    This is simply amazing!

  3. Debra Dhlamini

    She is very passionate about music and she is so confident on the stage

  4. Well Done Kelly 👏

  5. Shes an amazing songwriter and vocalist, listened to her songs and they are mind blowing

  6. Awesome work. Beautiful inside and outside. Love you Nnenna

  7. Roli Okunowo

    Very talented artist and has kept that passion since high school. So proud of you dear. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  8. This is great, well done Nnenna love your song

  9. Olayemi Asimolowo

    Lovely. Singing has always been a passion of Nnenna and it is inspirational to see that she is using passion to raise funds for her charities.

  10. I love her passion not just for music, her passion to help the less privileged make me admire her more.

  11. So true and on point by the writer. Nnennaya Kelly is truly a renowned sing and songwriter. I call her an all rounder. Very clever, hard working wife and mother.

  12. Amazing!! Love that it’s helping a great cause too!!

  13. Precious chi

    She’s such a talented strong woman, keep up the good works ma’am

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