“Intro” Brings Blacc Cuzz’s Voice Into The Streets

Who is Blacc Cuzz? If you find yourself asking that question, then we’re here to educate you on an artist who isn’t looking to just make a big impact, he’s fixing to make a permanent crater.

“Intro” is the first single and the introductory track to Blacc Cuzz’ debut release “Stretch It”. It not only perfectly introduces you to Blacc Cuzz as an artist and MC but also as a person and as a role model. It is a statement of intent that puts the rest of the genre on high alert.

Whilst most other rappers claim to have lived the life and will tell stories of the gritty streets they grew up on, Blacc Cuzz has been there. You can tell that this is a genuine and authentic voice largely because he doesn’t always just paint a pretty picture to make himself look tough, he serves up the truth blood, sweat, tears, and scar-tissue. In an industry craving realness, Blacc Cuzz is one of the few with the credentials to back it up.

On the track “Intro” we are made aware of Blacc Cuzz as an artist but also as an entrepreneur. Not satisfied with the life that was offered to him on the mean streets of Pittsburgh, he decided to take his future into his own hands and hustled his way to wealth despite the poverty around him. He invested that money back into himself by founding Dream Big Empire and deciding to make the music he wishes he had been able to listen to when he was growing up.

Lyrically Blacc Cuzz likes the high life, there is a fair amount of braggadocio about the cost of just about every bit of bling he’s wearing, but there is also a great deal of detail about the true cost of that. Not afraid to talk about the shadows as well as the bright lights that create them Blacc Cuzz is the true voice of the streets, he paints a more honest picture and positions himself as a role model because of it.

Atop a trap beat, Blacc Cuzz can create tracks that bump, with his unique voice and position he shuns the lazy mumbling affectation of most in the genre and instead of laces the track with a more energetic delivery style. He is capable of twisting a scheme elegantly over the top of that trap bass and he sprinkles the verses with melodies and flourishes that create a sound that cannot be replicated.

Blacc Cuzz wants to be the voice of the streets not for the fame or for the dollars, but because he has led a life and can tell a story that can inspire and set a good role model for the generation to come. He wants to move away from the tired clapped out cliches that pepper the genre and do something new. He wants to tell his truth and connect with the youth who might follow in his footsteps.

Dream Big Empire is always looking for the future. 

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