How Musicians Can Get Booked for the Their First Music Festival

Being part of the music festival is one of the most serious steps for every musician. It helps you in many ways. For example to promote your music, and make millions of people listen to it. Besides that, you will have an opportunity to perform on the same stage with famous artists. And their fans will also listen to your music, and if they like it, they will become part of your audience. You will not only grow your fanbase but also take your career to a whole new level. But if you are in the beginning of your musical career, then performing during such famous festivals may seem a dream for you. 

The good thing is that today there are many music festivals all around the world. This means that being part of a music festival can seem real even for the beginner artist. So you can start your career by participating in small festivals and then step by step to upgrade your level. The atmosphere during such festivals is incomparable. And it is one of a kind experience to take such stages and perform in front of thousands of people. In this article, we collected a couple of essential tips that will help you to get booked for festivals. 

Have Social Media Accounts and Be Active 

Today, social media has serious power, and we recommend you to pay a lot of attention to it. It can make musicians very successful and help to gain thousands of new listeners. You should create a unique and interesting profile. People should be interested in your content and follow you with great excitement. Just posting your song and a couple of pictures will not be effective. You should create engaging content so that people feel connected with you. This will help you to have a strong relationship with your listeners. People spend years creating the brand, and it is one of the most valuable things. You should do your best to promote your music and build your brand because it stays in the mind of people forever. And in addition to this, if you make really great and quality music, then people will follow your art.

Don’t forget about Networking

We will not stop repeating that networking is one of the most important things nowadays. This is true especially in the music industry, where you have to know as many people as you can. Producers, writers, artists, music festival agents, and music festival promoters can help you in many ways. Try to have a good and healthy relationship with them so that you have a good reputation among the industry members. Try to attend different gatherings and parties. Usually, you will meet very important people. Don’t be shy to start a conversation with them and present yourself in the best way. In order to get booked for the festival, you should send your music to music festival booking agents. So make sure that they are familiar with you and your music. It makes the chances of being booked higher because agents always appreciate that musicians are hard-working people. So don’t hide in studios and let the world know you. 

Plan Your Strategy in Advance

Planning can help you stay organized and know what your steps are going to be. Festivals are booking in advance but not 2020, the year of COVID-19, and they should notice you in order to make you part of the set. For example, if the festival is scheduled to be during summer, then music festival booking agents will start booking in January. So spend some time and research all the festivals. We recommend you to put the names of the festivals, dates, and other important information in a spreadsheet. And most importantly, understand the deadlines. This will help you to be on time and not be late for anything. 

And in addition to this, when you are planning ahead of time, this helps you to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, you may skip the deadline for applying for an important festival, and you may lose a lot of opportunities. So start to plan at least six months ahead. 

Have a Good Press Kit

Your press kit is what defines you and can tell everything about you as a musician. It should be developed very carefully and strategically. You should include in your press kit the audios of your music, a little biography, links of your social media accounts, photos, etc. Before choosing you, agents should examine whether you fit their festival or not. And for doing so, they need a lot of information about musicians. So put together all the hard work that you have done through the years. 

How Musicians Can Apply for Festivals

There are many festivals that provide an opportunity for submitting an application. But big festivals usually invite musicians. If you are a beginner artist, then probably you should try to find festivals and apply for them. But don’t lose hope because if agents notice you, they may invite you even if you are not very popular. Such agents always appreciate quality music. So if you create good music, then, of course, they will want you to be part of the festival. As a musician, it may be hard for you to reach different festivals because you may not have time and enough experience. So you can find professional agents who may help you in the process. We highly recommend you find someone who knows all the nuances and can really help you. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection

In order to have a strong position and survive in the music industry, you should be a very strong and hard-working person. Without these characteristics, it will be impossible for you to reach any success. So after applying for festivals, don’t be sure that you will get booked for festivals immediately. Be ready for rejections, and after that, work ten times harder in order to achieve your dreams. And remember, hard work will show its result in the future, and you will be part of big music festivals. 

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