Dave Chappelle Collaborates With Killer Mike In “Run”

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Killer Mike “Run”
The picture from “Under the radar”

Since 2021’s debut track, “Run”, is Killer Mike’s first solo project. Dave Chappelle and Young Thug got featured in his just-released track. Chappelle introduced the music with a monologue while Thug sang a verse near its end. Chappelle intoned that they demand honesty, not perfectionism. He urged the leader to lead without fear. He pledged their support to the leader as they did to the Verizon man.

The message

A video complemented the solo single released by the rapper on Independence Day. The song and its video illustrated the blacks’ struggle for freedom. The visual displays Killer Mike as the commander of the blacks’ army and their allies against their oppressors. The video directed by Adrian Villagomez displays the ongoing war between the just and the tyrants.

The copied uniforms of the Nazi and old Confederate symbolize the war. The blacks and their allies are fighting the Nazi-Esque secessionist’s quest to return the nation to a confederacy. He also pointed out the visual represents ongoing conflict among the media; MSNBC, Fox, and CNN. Breaking: Netflix releases Dave Chappelle’s speech slamming transphobic joke critics at Alma Mater.

Thug’s absence in the music video

Young Thug contributed a verse to “Run.” However, the artist didn’t appear in the song’s visual. The video shows a soldier with a flag during Thug’s verse. Boldly written on the flag is a demand for the jailed rappers’ release. An armband emblazoned with “Free YSL” is seen on another soldier.

YSL is the rapper’s imprint and record label claimed by the authorities to be a street gang. On May 9, the authorities arrested the rapper for RICO charges and suspected street gang activity. They accused “YSL,” his imprint and label, and its affiliates of being an illegal street gang. Consequently, Thug and Gunna have been remanded in an Atlanta jail.

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The picture from “Getty Imagesresource

Thug was also charged with possessing weapons and marijuana after police raided his Atlanta home. He denied these charges but wasn’t granted bond during the June 2 hearing. Mike defended the jailed rappers and criticized the use of their songs’ words as evidence for allegations brought against them. You can also meet with ZotheJerk, who is the voice of the disenfranchised and oppressed: he gives freedom a voice

He argued that Jeffrey Williams, the jailed rapper, created the imaginary character Young Thug. The fictitious stories in the rappers’ rhymes and the characters they created shouldn’t be used against them. Mike revealed in an interview that he has worked with the jailed rappers while recording his music. He affirmed that they are innocent of accusations leveled against them. They aren’t gang leaders but musicians who created job opportunities for creative people. The trials of the rappers who were denied bond will start in January 2023.

music, news, release
Killer Mike (left) and EL-P of Run The Jewels. Their new album is RTJ4.
Timothy Saccenti/Courtesy of the artist

Killer Mike’s songs

The rapper launched “R.A.P Music,” his 2012’s solo debut record. Later, he joined rapper El-P, leading to the birth of “Run the Jewels”, which won 2021 SPIN’s “Artist of the Year.” Barely a decade after the breakout track, he released new music on July 4. It is a day some Americans can’t access celebrated freedom. Killer Mike talks about new music, entrepreneurship, Outkast, and America.

The rapper is also a social activist and blunt cultural commentator. His shows are the 2019’s “Trigger Warning” on Netflix and the recent “Love & Respect” interview series with the rapper, broadcasted weekly.

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