Black Owned Brands Get a Boost as Sean Puff Daddy Combs, Collaborate With Salesforce Team

Famous rapper and mogul, Puff Daddy, is helping to launch a new online market for black brands. The black-owned business marketplace is an initiative that was started by his group of businesses, Combs Enterprises, and Salesforce. Shop Circulate is a digital market that is designed to give black business owners a place in the international market.

Who is it for?

It is geared towards supporting products from multiple categories from fashion and beauty to homeware, health, art, and more. The brand plans to launch in the later months of 2021.

Shop Circulate has provided early mailing access to interested users. The platform for the marketplace is being put together by Deloitte digital, its designs, and development as well as the technology which will host the marketplace online.

The marketplace is a platform that was developed by experts from different fields including engineers, consultants, brand managers, digital marketers, and employees from Combs Enterprises, Salesforce, and Deloitte.

The collaboration between Deloitte Digital,Combs Enterprises, and Salesforce, is a platform that will bring black businesses a step forward. It not only wants to help give them a voice but also provides a means of recognition for various brands created and owned by black people. With the main goal to leave a lasting global impact.

Black brands face racism, bias, and various forms of prejudice when battling with the everyday world. To battle this inequality, Deloitte digital is designing and developing the marketplace to act as a stepping stone for established brands to grow and further develop. Only this time, it is not just in local stores, but on a global scale.

Also, backed by well-thought-out designs and a series of experts, the Shop Circulate platform is aimed at being a building block for black business owners and partnerships to develop a relationship with the international community. Something that is usually difficult due to the constant battles with racial prejudices.

In a bid to connect consumers with the black-owned brands that will soon be launched on Shop Circulate, Salesforce acquired Nile List. The founder of Nile List, Khadijah Robinson, is spearheading the development and design of the marketplace and its global launch. Mandy Bowman also came on board as an advisor representing her creation, Black Wall Street which is an archive of black-owned businesses.

The chairman of Combs Enterprises remarked about how pleasant the arrangement with Salesforce is. His sentiments were reiterated by the CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff. He spoke of the benefits it will have on giving black brands equality in America as well as the bid to improve the economy of the black American areas.

A haven for black business owners

The joint operation is geared towards enabling black business owners to launch global businesses as well as to support both individuals and communities in their entrepreneurship dreams.
Deloitte digital also came forward to discuss its goals for the platform. Represented by Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO, the brand talked about its desire to push the black community forward and bring them on equal footing with international organizations.

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