TOP TRACKS by Dope Luke

Born in Brooklyn but Long Island Native Dope Luke begun his musical journey at the age of 10. Falling in love with Hip Hop he is influenced by legends (Biggie, Hov, Rakim, Nas, & Wu Tang) just to name a few his musical knowledge was expanded with his influence by other genres (rock & roll, jazz, classical, & blues) artist such as (sinatra, Linkin park, Hendrix, & king pleasure) further his unique sound. In early 2018 Dope Luke launched a social entrepreneurship called Inspire Vitae with the goal of giving back to the youth. The project wonderland is the 1st project released under Inspire Vitae Records and won’t be the last. Look out for more music from Dope Luke and his camp in the summer of 2020! #LiveInspireForgiveEvolve 

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