“Sketch City” is a new release by incredibly talented Admiral Crumple. Check it out!

Interview with the artist:

Can you explain the chorus from your Sketch City track?

“Welcome, welcome to Sketch City/ where people forgot about their dreams it’s not pretty/ it’s grimy/ but we’ll make it out regardless/ act or be acted upon move like an artist!”

Yes. A lot of people stop pursuing their life’s purpose and end up in Horrid situations like being addicted to cocaine. Then dealing with the horrors of that world. I believe that when you pursue your life’s calling it keeps you out of trouble. It’s like I haven’t drunk alcohol for 7 years and 11 months at this point.

During that time I released 2 Hip Hop solo albums, a crew album on CD, and the Drab Vegas film which was submitted to The Toronto film festival, and the Cannes film festival and was released on DVD.

To act or be acted upon is one of my core beliefs. I follow my conscience and let that lead me. Not non-credible people. And artists create their worlds. They automatically operate at a different/higher spiritual level than a common troublemaker.

What are you committed to in your life now?

Completing my next album on CD. Currently mixing the vocals for it. I’ve recorded 10 new tracks. I’m also committed to my health, my loved ones, and building Cataphonic Productions. I want to eventually have it run by an incredible leader. Cataphonic isn’t just about me, it’s about quality and hardcore Hip Hop that’s different.

Which artists are you currently impressed with?

Artists I know. Some that are friends, some that I may not be 100% Fam with but that I admire. Artists like my homie Bamer, Mavriq, and the Memberz, BandZz, Shirlok, Lord Akuna, Eseph, Dj Bread, and Lex. Leeba, Boxguts, Pigeonmike, he’s doing an incredible job with the Threads CD series.

Then the legends like Krs One, Big L, Method Man, Prodigy, Kool G Rap, The Rza, Nas, Fat Joe, Raekwon, Tim Dog, Kool Keith, and Tame One. Rest in peace Tame.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m happy that my Mom is still alive and healthy at 78 years old, happy about certain authors still being alive, my discography, friends, loved ones, and cats in general. Literally house cats lol

Lastly, if anyone reading this is going through any current challenges, stay following your conscience. Stay building your “calling” amazing things are coming your way!

Listen to Admiral Crumple’s dark, hardcore, and clever Hip Hop on Spotify and check his music videos on youtube and worldstarhiphop.com

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