Meet super cool artist NU-MAKAVELI with his masterpiece!


Joe Navar is also known by his stage name “NUMAKAVELI” and is an artist born in Los Angeles, California. Deciding to pursue his Musial dreams this year, the artist has taken his first steps in the industry using his plethora of life experiences and personal journey as the building foundations of his musical expression.

Inspired heavily by 90’s Hip Hop NU-MAKAVELI makes it clear that he is not just another rapper on the scene, but a legit raw talent that speaks with raw honest conviction in his lyrics and records. Not one to box into one category or fit in with the industry commercial mold, NU-MAKAVELI takes pride in his distinct individuality and style of music. These artists know a thing or two about struggle and what it means to face unprecedented challenges. Hopping over uptempo Hip Hop beats and more mellow offerings, the artist brings his listeners’ cold hard doses of nostalgia, taking inspirational tones from the likes of industry legends such as Tupak Shakur. The father of three is on a mission to insert himself into the upper ranks of the industry on his own terms, with his own flow and words being a firm favorite with his growing fanbase. One of the biggest takeaways from listening to NU-MAKAVELI is just how honest his music is. Never one to sugarcoat the realities of life, the artist brings a clear sense of relatability to his songs, that people can directly feel inspired by and take personal reflection from.

NU-MAKAVELI has released a plethora of songs this year, each with its own unique vibe. From club-ready bangers to more intimate tracks, the artist is sure to provide a consistent level of variety for his growing fanbase. With this already hugely successful year being the debut of the artist, things look to be on an even bigger uptrend. With a number of musical projects in the works, fans can be sure to hear more from this fast-rising artist.


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