4 Nickels is a Rap/Hip Hop recording artist born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. 4 Nickels started rapping at the age of 15 as a member of the group N***a Rigged, using their make-shift studio equipment. 4 Nickels really gained his knack for music during his middle and early high school years; even joining the marching band for Henry Ford Middle School in Highland Park. Falling in love immediately, 4 Nickels would become a stand out as first chair trombonist. He then branched out to other brass and percussion instruments. Influenced by artists like TI, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Eminem and Andre 3000 (to name a few); 4 Nickels has created a sound that blends Southern hospitality with the gritty street sounds of the Midwest. His style, with his fairly extensive lexicon, is very versatile. 4 Nickels is considered a strong lyricist; no matter the tempo, or content of the tracks he appears on. 4 Nickels would launch his own record label 420 Gang Entertainment LLC in 2020.

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