Check out hip hop artist FONZO

FONZO’s music may manifest as hip hop, but his passion or music stemmed from sharing a love of funk and oldies with his parents at a young age. He started to hone-in onhis lyrical skills as a high school student in Tracy, California, as a freestyle rap artist; after building his own studio, he started making a serious effort to share his sound with those that needed to hear it.
The artist and producer signed his first digital distribution deal in late 2020. He later released ‘For the Kids’, the first
single released from his forthcoming 18-track album, ‘High Gravity.
After making his official debut, he embarked on an 8-show 6-state tour in October across Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin and Iowa before releasing his sophomore single ‘The Power of Your Mind’ in March 2021.

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