How about Blue Tick Verification on Twitter?

Around one year ago CEO Jack Dorsey announced the upgrading of Blue Tick Verification on Twitter.

Twitter is redesigning verification so that “people can verify more facts about themselves and we don’t have to be the judge or imply any bias on our part”

Jack Dorsey

Anyone could apply for verification but generally verifying accounts used to identify individuals in public life – celebrities, politicians, journalists, and others. Hip-hop artists often use verification for confirming their profiles and assure who they are.

So far, Twitter doesn’t give any official instructions regarding how to receive verification logo. We will give you instructions on how to apply with the Twitter Help Center. Basically, you have to prove that your brand and your account is being personated by other people.

For doing that you have to find the button that calls ‘Impersonation’ and choose ‘An account pretending to be me or someone I know’. Then you have to fill the next forms regarding yourself and your brand, you can mention the number of brand followers on other platforms. Also, you have to include in the form the valid government issued id. The reason you have to do that is that you have to prove that you are a real individual.

In a couple of days after you submit the form, you have to receive a response on Tweeter account or on the email you mentioned during the registration. If you didn’t get your logo for the first time, you could easily do all the procedure once again.

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