History of Hip Hop Culture

As you may know the Hip Hop genre is one of the most famous styles nowadays. Many great artists will stay in history for a long time. Although the genre is not very old, anyway it has passed a long road. It originated in 1970, and at the beginning, it was part of the movement. It is not only music but also a culture, art, and philosophy. Artists try to deliver a specific message in their songs and raise awareness about different issues. So many hip hop songs have a philosophical and very serious context.

Of course, not everyone knows the history of hip hop. Hip hop songs have a very catchy rhythm. That is why, when such songs start playing, each of us begins moving and dancing. A lot of famous artists have shifted the genre. 2Pac, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, The Notorious B.I.G, and other notable artists are considered fathers of hip hop. They have created a history, and it is always interesting to follow their road. Eventually, they were part of the development of hip hop. And they are the first artists who built the path for young artists. So follow this article in order to get acquainted with the history of hip hop.

The Origins of Legendary Hip Hop Music: Where It All Began

Every legendary story has its beginning. As we have already mentioned above, hip hop originated in 1970 in the Bronx. At that time, the black community was facing a lot of problems. And they began to create their own culture of music, and raise their voice with the help of music. In their songs, they were mentioning all the critical problems. The main idea was to make others hear their voice and spread the message. Eventually, hip hop began to go out of the Bronx and reach other places. And today, hip hop is considered as one of the most well known genres.

The main elements of hip hop are rhythmic rapping, breakdancing, graffiti, and DJing. Every aspect is a type of expression and part of a cultural movement. It is fascinating how, in 3 minutes, the artist or dancer can tell a story. Eventually, telling a story is part of the movement. And everything is done beautifully. There are many songs which were created many years ago. But these songs are actual even today. As you may be aware of, there is an old school, new school hip hop, and 21st-century hip hop. We will try to give you detailed information about each below.

Old School Hip Hop: Back to 80s

From the first day of the beginning, the movement until 1980 is considered the era of old school hip hop. At that time, artists invented many great rhythms and techniques, which new artists use today. Dj Kool Herc is one of the first and most famous hip hop DJs. He created many beats, which are part of every hip hop song. And because of these beats, even from the first second, we can tell that a hip hop song is playing. Others also started to create and develop beats and catchy rhythms. Rapping also started to create, which was a new form of poetry.

At the end of the 80s, when the old school era was coming to its end, hip hop began to gain global popularity. People of different cultures started to create their version of hip hop music. They used already existing techniques and started to develop their ones. Legendary 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G began their career and shifted everything. Below we will introduce them in a more detailed way. Eventually, artists started to create many masterpieces. These songs are not only very catchy and rhythmic, but many also have serious messages. So it is lovely that songs are not only entertaining but also raising awareness.

The New Era: The Rise and Development of New School

The new school era began in the mid-80s. The industry and genre started to shift drastically. Before the main themes of hip hop music was raising awareness about issues. But during the new era, artists began to rap about love and romantic topics. In addition to this, women also started to become part of the genre. Women also started to rap and be a massive part of the culture. Hip hop began to gain considerable popularity, and eventually, it began to expand.

Most probably you may know about East-Coast and West-Coast. These were two different groups of artists who were competing with each other. 2Tupac and Notorious B.I.G were from different groups. Each group was legendary, and their music made a vast history. Hip hop was famous not only in the United States but also in Europe and Asia. Many great artists started their careers outside of the United States. And today, hip hop has worldwide popularity, and everyone can become part of the culture.

Hip Hop Today: The New Generation and New Beats of Hip Hop

In the 21st century, the music industry shifted a lot. Today there are so many opportunities for young artists that are making the road of their career easier. All the technological advancements created many streaming platforms. And artists can stream their music in a couple of minutes and gain a new audience. Fortunately, recent years gave us new and very talented hip hop artists. Kanye West, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, etc. are a couple of the most popular and successful hip hop artists of the 21 century. Music managers are always aware of newest field futures. And it is always interesting to follow all the new artists and see how they change the genre.

The Final Thoughts about Hip Hop

Everything changes, and of course, music is not an exception. The future of the music industry is not certain. But as the years go by, something new is introduced to us. And it is always interesting to follow every new genre and the unique expressions of old genres. But one thing is exact, that the hip hop genre has a long road to pass. And there will be a lot of new and exciting releases for all the fans of the genre.


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