50 Cent Shared His Opinion On The Striking 21 Savage “Many Men” Song – check the new hip hop music

The gangsta rap legendary song “Many Men” from the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’  album peaked on many charts 17 years ago, however, it still has a huge impact on the growing rap-stars. This single was only the third in 50 Cent‘s career but obviously became a classic one, describing danger and wretches of grim New York streets the way they really are. One of the reasons for Fif to reflect on the topic of “Many Men” influence was a new release with the same name by  21 Savage and Pop Smoke, who breathed a fresh style in it. Young artists showed their admiration to Fif, and admitted that he came through lots of death threats that formed his character and helped him to grow as a man. A recent interview with Spotify’s RapCaviar, Head Of Urban Music Carl Chery also approved “Many Men” to be the most influential song of the year.

“You can’t make a person decide to write a song. It’s influenced by a song. Creatively, it’s them going you know what? It’s how I feel right now. You know, the tones of what’s going on with them matches the record.” 50 Cent talks in his short review. He also noticed that young musicians did that for him, which of course made him proud and aware of the energy they had.

These words were applied to the highlighted “Many Men” song from the 21 Savage and Metro Booming’s album Savage Mode II, which has well-prepared shots from 21 into Jeezy. From Fif’s words, the analogy was gained not only through the same title and similar chorus but also through the kind of confession on 21 Savage’s disaffection toward Jeezy. Meanwhile, another artist, Pop Smoke, even didn’t use the title – he simply put a twist on the tune and made it sound extremely catching. Both rappers weren’t emphasizing demographic issues, which also is a good sign for 50 Cent.

The rap star hopes that more talented artists will continue to use his songs as a basis for the new hip-hop music.” This is what we can expect even though music patterns have changed since 2000′.

“Musically now, things are slower. They like rapping to r&b beats. It provides more space for them to make changes in the cadences. “ – explains Fif.

Check out full 50 Cent’s reflection in video below:

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